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About Pastech Computer Services Group

The Pastech Computer Services Group is a group of privately held companies established in 1998.  With a well-trained staff  located in multiple facilities located throughout Southeast Michigan, Pastech is fully equipped to handle your computing and computing services needs.  Whether you need refurbished equipment, new components, consulting, hardware or software support, Pastech can do the job.

Our employees are committed to your satisfaction, as satisfying your needs and doing so consistently, has not only kept our customers loyal, but also caused them to refer their colleagues and friends to Pastech.

  The Purchasing and Refurbishment Process of Sun/SGI/HP Equipment

  • Pastech Computer Services Group bids on equipment that our clients and leasing companies have available for sale.

  • Once purchased and on site, equipment is evaluated for cosmetic condition and functional integrity.  Any flaws are repaired or replaced.

  •  All equipment is disassembled to the component level and thoroughly re-tested on Pastech test bed systems utilizing Sun, SGI and HP diagnostic tools.

  • Only clean, undamaged, tested equipment is placed into inventory in climate controlled storage areas.


The Customer Focused Sales Process

  • Pastech receives requests for custom configurations for equipment.

  •  Systems are configured and hot tested again in the final customer configuration.

  • All systems are burned in for a minimum of 24 hours.

  • Final configurations are rechecked for cosmetic appearance and order match.

  • Systems and components are professionally packagcd in double wall corrugated boxes and shipped via customer preferred vendor or service.  Pastech recommends Federal Express due to an extremely successful track record with their services.  This is particularly important for large computer monitors shipped individually.



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